He Didn’t Just Stack A Bunch Of Rafts To Move Them. Watch What He Does In The Water.

It’s no secret that white water rafting is a thrill-seeker mainstay.
But what professional rafter Covey Baack did during a recent rafting excursion in Gold Hills, Oregon, makes even the most intense rafters’ stunts look like nothing. Baack went ahead and stacked six rafts on top of each other. It looked like he was just doing that to move them, but then he pulled up to the water.

Here’s how the stack looked when he started moving it.

But then he decided to plop the entire thing in the water!

Baack’s contraption looks like it could easily topple into the water with just the smallest bump or jolt.

But to our surprise, the cushion of the rafts helped to absorb impact from the ferocious currents.

You have to see him in action!

I’m not the biggest fan of water, so I can’t help but feel anxious watching Baack living life on the edge. Would you try this?

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