This Mom’s 27-Year-Old Daughter Died From Flu. Now She’s Warning Others To Watch For These Symptoms

When Liz Gallagher’s daughter Katherine fell ill, they put it down to exhaustion and thought she would recover with a little rest. But her symptoms grew worse and Katherine was prescribed antibiotics. Then, thinking that her daughter was at home resting, just days later Liz received an unexpected call from Katherine’s boyfriend. Weeks before her 28th birthday, Katherine was dead.

For all appearances, Katherine Gallagher was a fun-loving and healthy 27-year-old. Described as fearless and bright, Katherine graduated Boston University and loved to dance and skydive. She worked as a hostess in a local brewery and by all accounts was a positive influence on those around her.

Katherine started to feel unwell on Friday, December 1, 2017. That day she left work early and headed home to Tustin, California, where she lived with her boyfriend. Katherine had been suffering with a fever and had developed cold sweats and body aches. Furthermore, she was also experiencing diarrhea and nausea.

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