Swede Decided to Make Buttocks Like The Kardashian, And Could not Stop

Natasha Crown lives and works an erotic model in Sweden. Work, brings to the girl the quite good income, allowing to improve constantly the appearance. Natasha does not hide that she often calls for help from plastic surgeons to fit and look good. But the last time the girl began to pay more and more time to the priest. More precisely, the desire to make it truly immense.

“The first operation to increase priests I did when I was 20 years old. And yes, even then I confessed that I was obsessed with this part of my body and on what I had achieved

The girl explains that achieving such amazing results is not easy. She has to eat intensively, leaning on the most high-calorie food, and also eat as many sweets as possible. After all, as is known, it is thanks to them that fat in the buttocks is postponed better.






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