10 Facts About slavery in Tibet

The Dalai Lama imposed a tax on everything, even on his ears. That is, those who wanted his ears to remain, had to be paid, otherwise they were cut off.
Many slaves were cut out of their eyes or severed their legs not because of disobedience, but for security reasons. Such slaves could perform a certain type of work, but were not dangerous to their owners (since the number of slaves was huge). The big profit was the trade of boys by slaves.

Tibetan boys usually went from peasant families and were sold to monasteries, where they were trained as monks.

Once in the monastery, they remained attached to him for the rest of his life. Monk Tashi-Tsering reports that peasant children were usually subjected to sexual abuse in monasteries. He himself was repeatedly raped, starting at 9 years old. Monasteries signed children for lifelong service as domestic servants, dancers and soldiers.

Attitude towards slaves

A case is known when the master sent a slave to a remote village with an errand. He did not have time to return before dawn and spent the night in the field. The field turned out to belong to some local landowner and he demanded money from the slave for overnight. Of course, there was no money, and then they chopped off his hand in punishment.
When he was weak, he returned back to his master, then, angry that a healthy, good slave was disabled, ordered to cut off his second hand.

Serfs were subject to a tax on marriage, the birth of each child and every death of a family member.

They paid tax on planting trees in their yard and on keeping animals. There were taxes on religious holidays, public dances and drumming, tax was even imposed on imprisonment and release from it.
Those who could not find a job paid a tax for being unemployed, and if they went to another village in search of work, they paid a travel tax. If people could not pay, monasteries lent them money at 20-50% (and yes, the first and largest moneylenders and slaveholders were always churches and religious organizations, not Masons and Jews).
Debts were inherited from father to son, from grandfather to grandson. The debtors, who were unable to pay off their obligations, became slaves.

The second photo is a typical example of the blindness of a slave.

Buddhists, before 1960, chopped off the legs of slaves and skinned children and adults, legally applied pedophilia and trafficking in children.
1960 Karl, 58 years ago. This is when the civilization of atheists launched astronauts to the moon.
Tibet until 1959 was an elementary theocracy with all the signs of fascism inherent in theocracy.

Well-known journalist Vsevolod Ochinnikov, who visited Tibet in the 50s, recalls:

“I was explained that the sect of the” Red Hats “has long been developing the ability of young lamas to telepathic contacts. To improve the “roaming” of such a connection, once a cruel custom was used. Under the cornerstone of each new monastic building, a teenage lama was placed. The young man was brought into a state of “samadhi”, similar to a lethargic dream, and without his knowledge, he was forever covered with a stone slab.

They say that just as a horse feels the grave of the owner, buried several years ago, the corpses of young lamas gave radiation, which facilitated the telepaths access to the desired object. In 1990, I spoke in Lhasa with a professor of theology at the University of Tibet. A child sent to the Ganden monastery, he was chosen for this sad fate. But he fled, warned by a mentor who took pity on his disciple ”

“Day of the Occupation of Spiritual Tibet by Chinese Communists”

“The Day of Liberation of Tibetans from Serf Slavery” is an official holiday in the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China, celebrated on March 28 to commemorate the abolition of the “feudal-serf system” in Tibet in 1959.
On March 10, 1959, an “anti-Chinese rebellion” began in Tibet. On March 28, 1959, the Chinese authorities announced the dissolution of the Tibetan government and conducted a large-scale military operation to suppress the insurrection. As a result, the Dalai Lama XIV and tens of thousands of other Tibetans fled to India. In the course of subsequent reforms, hundreds of thousands of serfs were released, amounting to 90% of the local population.

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