Letter of the son to parents

Dear Mom and Dad!

I want to ask for forgiveness for what caused your unhappy life.

Before I was born, I chose you: a beautiful and affectionate mother, a brave knight dad. You loved each other so much that I wanted to be a part of it, bathe in the rays of love and make you even happier.

But then I was born, and everything changed.

At first, my father began to linger at work, and my mother withdrew to herself.

Then you pretended that we were the ideal family, but I felt an atmosphere of pretense.

I heard my mother crying at night, there was a smell of hatred in the air, and behind your smiles there were accusations of each other.

Mom, why did you keep silent about all Papa’s offenses, his treachery and indifference? Why did not you get divorced from him? “For me”?

Papa, why did you endure all my mother’s claims, her mistrust and reproaches? “For me”?

But I did not want you to live together.

You were wonderful parents, each one separately. I did not like it when we went somewhere together: my mother was always dissatisfied with my dad, was angry and screamed at him, my father let go of humiliating jokes about my mother, reached out to the bare nerves, looked for weaknesses.

I hated the weekend when you both stayed at home.

You covered your fears with me. Mom did not have the courage, and Dad did not want to take responsibility.

But what have you taught me? What family – is it tears, lies, accusations and betrayals? What to endure and be unhappy is normal? What is embarrassing to be honest and fight for your happiness?

You proved to each other that you are strong, that you are tough, that you can endure and endure everything. But did you ever really live?

Did they rejoice in my victories? Or competed among themselves for the role of a good parent?

I choked with a sense of guilt when I heard from everyone that you were not divorced “for my sake.” I considered myself a source of suffering. I became a crime of your life.

What life awaits me ahead? I have not learned to love, I have not learned to respect, I learned only to endure and be silent. I learned to run away from the problem, not solve it. Blame for everything else, hide your feelings deeply, feel sorry for yourself and hate others.

You, adults, have shifted the responsibility to me when I was still a child. What should I do? Also to play a trick on his wife, that she, like my mother, take offense? And the children understood everything, but could not say anything, just as I could not once tell you?

You have one unique chance to save your family and live happily ever after.

If you do this not “for my sake”, but “FOR YOURSELF”!

I am writing this letter to pay for the lessons of the past.

Alone with the whole world, allow yourself to be finally happy and correct mistakes.

Mom, be honest with yourself!

Dad, be bold and strong again!

I love you!

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