A woman, worth 1 million dollars, ate at her own wedding!

In the Arab Emirates, an event occurred that stunned thousands of people. At one of the weddings, a cake was presented in the form of a bride, the value of which exceeded one million dollars, several thousand eggs and more than 50 kilograms of chocolate.

This creation was commissioned for a grand celebration at Debbie Wiggham, who thought through every detail of the “Edible Bride.” For the first time, Debbie was able to perform such a scale confectionery product. She spent a lot of time and energy on developing the exact image of the bride.

The cake turned out to be one to one, but the weight of the “Edible Bride” exceeded 100 kilograms. An unusual cake delighted the bride herself, because for her it was a real surprise from her newly-made husband.

Surprising elegance with which the cake is made, as well as all its decorating details, for example, diamonds worth 200 million.

How do you like this treat? Would you try?