This Twitter Thread Of Starbucks Baristas Sharing Insane Drink Orders Will Make You Shudder

Starbucks baristas are sharing insane orders on Twitter that they say they have had to make for customers, and I’d challenge you to read them without your teeth hurting

The thread was started by someone named Jessica, who tweeted a photo of an insane drink order from a customer named Ashley. The order had 30 pumps of syrup ALONE.

Plus extra almond milk, sweet cream, whipped cream, and much more.

Her photo went viral, and people were super grossed out by Ashley’s order.

Ashley, u OK?

“This is the coffee of a woman who craves death.”

One inspired barista even made Ashley’s creation (no word on how it tastes.)

Soon, other baristas began to chime in with crazy orders they have gotten.

It soon became a rich tapestry of horror.

Yum, straight syrup.

The thread only got more and more extra.

And make sure it’s DOUBLE blended.

Scott, be careful!

Oh no.


One Twitter user had a helpful idea that makes us all a little less concerned for these people’s safety.

Enjoy your drink, guys!


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