Trump’s State of the Union Nixon allusion was probably accidental

But there was one reference that might have been unintentional.

Democrats just took control of the House of Representatives, and they plan a robust set of investigations of Trump and will follow on the Russia investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump asked them to cut it out.

“If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation,” he said.

As CNN’s Jim Acosta pointed out, it recalled another US President’s plea that Congress stop investigating him.

“One year of Watergate is enough,” Nixon said on January 30, 1974, in his final address to Congress.

There are plenty of distinctions to set the speeches apart. Trump did obliquely mention investigations, but he did not mention the Russia investigation or Mueller.

Nixon, meanwhile, spent a good portion of his speech specifically referring to Watergate.
That speech took place three months after the infamous “Saturday Night Massacre” and several months before the House Judiciary Committee began impeachment proceedings against Nixon, six months before the Supreme Court ruled he had to turn over tapes of his Oval Office conversations to the special prosecutor’s office.

He ultimately resigned that August, before he could be officially impeached.

While there are plenty of Democrats who would like to see Trump impeached, it is far from a priority for House Democrats, who seem a very long way from starting any kind of impeachment proceedings against him. Mueller’s report could change all that if and when it is delivered.

Regardless of what Trump said Tuesday night, you can bet the House will continue to investigate him.

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