Wallet Training – How To Fund Waves Exhange Wallet

Need help with how to fund your waves exchange wallet, especially for Hashing Ad Space? Watch this below video.

You can signup for all of the “funding sources/platforms” I mention in the video below

Uphold: https://uphold.com/signup
Coinmama: https://www.coinmama.com/?ref=newsignup
LocalBitcoins: https://localbitcoins.com/register/?ch=az5a

Waves Exchange cannot be directly funded and you will need one of the above sources to add funds to the platforms. You can fund most of these sources with credit and/or debit card. In some of the sources mentioned, you can even fund with cash. If you want to get instant bitcoin, you can use coinmama as well as localbitcoins. If you want low fees, you can choose to use Uphold.

These sources are not the end all, be all of funding platforms. There are likely hundreds of funding sources and bitcoin wallets you can use.

I like to keep my funding sources separate from my actual bitcoin wallet used, however, there are wallets that allow you to fund and spend.

You can use all of the sources I mentioned in the video above for funding and spending, however, I do not recommend it.

Here are some other sources for the all in one:
Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5674bcdd5363ba62900001cc
Xapo: https://account.xapo.com/?signup
WageCan: https://wagecan.com/Register

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