Twitter CEO on Bitcoin "The Internet Will Have a Currency" (r/Bitcoin #186 )

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10: Room77 Bar Berlin LN node back online for good and now listed on LNS; show some love

9: Tether’s U.S. Dollar Peg Is No Longer Credible

8: Video: Twitter CEO on Bitcoin “The Internet Will Have a Currency” | Joe Rogan

7: Spotify Competitor Now Allows You to Earn Bitcoin for Streaming Music

6: Bitcoin or: How I Learned to Stopped Worrying and Love the Debt

5: Bitcoin Miner Says Solar Energy Cuts Mining Costs By 75% –

4: Central Bank Admits that Credit is Created Out of Thin Air

3: Bitcoin stand in Bucharest, Romania

2: Security level when using hot wallets (an example by the president of Republic of Kosovo)

1: On the streets of Caracas, Venezuela…

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